Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Operation GunWalker so far

Note there was much comment about this on conservative blogs long before it became generally known

The weapons seem to have been sent to Mexico for one reason only; to be used in crimes. When the weapons were discarded at crimes scenes--which gunmen frequently did to avoid to being tied to specific murders via ballistic forensics--the recovered weapons were traced by the BATF and used to manufacture evidence to support President Obama's dishonest claim that U.S. guns stores were the primary supplier of cartel weapons. The President and federal law enforcement agencies reporting to him seemed to be working on gun control "under the radar," indeed.

The gun-running operation came to an end only after a U.S. border Patrol Agent was gunned down in a firefight, and two of the weapons were traced back to the operation, at which point whistleblowers within the BATF came forward to expose the plot.

It has been more than six months since Operation Fast and Furious was exposed, and during that time the federal law enforcement agencies involved in the scandal have participated in what appears to be a high-level cover-up of the operation, and one that the Obama Administration and their allies in the media are desperately trying to contain. They are using a number of methods, including attacking congressional investigators, stonewalling requests for information, and controlling individual employees inside the operation by recalling them to Washington and putting them in desk jobs where they can be more easily monitored.

Despite the stonewalling attempts of the Administration, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold up the preferred narrative of a localized law enforcement operation gone horribly wrong.

The mainstream media and the White House are eager to portray Operation Fast and Furious as a solitary and limited operation that was the responsibility of a small band of BATF misfits in Arizona, backed by an overzealous U.S. District Attorney.

While the Administration has continued to push that story, emails confirm that every director of a law enforcement agency within the Department of Justice was briefed on the scheme from the beginning, and that FBI criminal informants were part of the plot.

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Miss.: Woman who killed violent boyfriend released: A woman accused in the stabbing her boyfriend was released from jail on Monday, the Hinds County Sheriff said. Joe Lavell Dixon, 34, was stabbed Saturday night at a home on Dixon Road in Utica, officials said. Hinds County investigators believe Shemeka Ford, 26, who was arrested Saturday in connection with Dixon's death, was acting in self-defense. We've had calls there before," Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin said. "It's an ongoing situation and everybody in that community is aware of it." "This is one of those cases where after the district attorney looked at it long enough, he said he would not bring charges against her," McMillin said. "Essentially, she will just walk free."

GA: Man shot in face at apartment complex: "Gwinnett officers are investigating a shooting that took place at Landmark at Bella Vista Apartments Tuesday afternoon. Police say a man was shot in the face around 2:15 p.m. A caller reported hearing gunshots and saw a man lying on the ground outside. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive his injuries, according to police. Responding officers and detectives, with the assistance of Suwanee Police Department, located the shooter. The man was arrested, but officers did not release his name. Investigators say it appears the shooting may have occurred in self-defense, but the shooting is still under investigation."

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