Monday, August 29, 2011

IL: Pawn shop owner shoots at robbers, killing one: "An investigation has been initiated after a Metro-East pawn shop owner shot at two robbers, killing one. Police said the robbery and shooting happened Saturday morning at the Pawn Pros pawn shop at the corner of 12th and State streets in East St. Louis, Illinois. Detectives said two men with a gun walked into the shop and demanded money and jewelry. As the robbers turned around to leave, the shop's owner shot at the two men, killing one. The other suspect made it out of the shop and ran down the street where he was later captured by police. Officers said the captured suspect had all the merchandise and money that was reported missing from the pawn shop." The case will be presented to prosecutors, but police do not expect charges to be filed against the pawn shop owner since he was protecting his life and property from the armed robbers."

PA: One robber dead; one victim wounded: "Detective Sgt. Steven Roberts of the Aliquippa police said witnesses relayed to police that Mr. Shakir, 19-year-old Jiwan Bailey of Penn Hills and another man went to Aliquippa with the intention of burglarizing a business. When that plan turned out to be "not viable," Sgt. Roberts said the men drove around the town. At around 2 a.m., they got out of their car and followed 26-year-old Lucien Roberts and 21-year-old Brian Elmore, encountering them in the 100 block of Fifth Avenue. At that point, police said, Mr. Shakir brandished a handgun and opened fire, striking Mr. Elmore in the arm and leg. Mr. Bailey charged Mr. Roberts, who had pulled out his own gun to return fire, and while the two tussled, Mr. Bailey was shot in the chest. He later died. Sgt. Roberts said Mr. Roberts will not be charged in the case because he acted in self-defense and legally possessed his weapon."

TX: Hammer-wielding robbery suspect shot in the buttock: "A robbery suspect at a Shell gas station on the city's Northwest Side wound up being shot in the buttock Sunday night by a customer who was a licensed hand gun owner. The suspect, 35-year-old Dustin Darsp, entered the station store in the 10100 block of Culebra Road with what appeared to be a handgun, San Antonio police Det. Roberto Bernal said. Really, it was a hammer no more than 6 inches long, draped in a black cloth or sock. “The robber still wanted the guy to believe he had a gun but ended up dropping it,” he said. “And as he was going to reach for it, the licensed handgun owner shot him in his left upper buttock.” Darsp was taken to Brooke Army Medical Center but did not have a life-threatening wound. The licensed handgun owner isn’t facing any charges for the shooting, which occurred around 9:30 p.m., Bernal added."

WI: Intruder killed by homeowner: "Police say they responded to a burglary call that turned into a fatal shooting. What prompted the gunfire is a question investigators are looking into. Police say 39-year-old James Babe was shot and killed. Investigators say the person living inside the home said Babe broke in, was stealing property and pointed a gun at him. That man told investigators he fired a gun at the intruder. Was his life taken, because of self-defense or a home owner's criminal actions? Police say they'll hand this case over to the District Attorney's Office. As with any shooting case the DA will consider the facts and make a charging decision." [More details here]

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