Friday, August 26, 2011

WV: Customer shoots robber: "The Mercer County Sheriff's Department has identified the suspected robber shot dead by a customer in a Bramwell convenient store -- and arrested his wife in connection with the robbery. Authorities say the robbery occurred shortly before midnight Monday at the Pop Shop convenience store in Bramwell. Police say 41-year-old David Douglas Roberts entered the store wearing a mask and pointing a shotgun. While in the process of stealing several hundred dollars, Roberts was shot by a customer in the store who was carrying a firearm. Roberts died en route to Bluefield Regional Medical Center. The customer was licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Roberts' wife, 31-year-old Jessica Roberts, was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with conspiracy and armed robbery. She was being held on $100,000 bond."

WA: Gun pulled on aggressive ex-boyfriend: "The new boyfriend told police that the 37-year-old had "pestered" the couple about a key he needed to get into the home's basement. When they cracked the door open, he "pushed and kicked" his way in. The new boyfriend said he feared for his own safety and the woman's, and he noticed the 37-year-old holding a black object — later determined to be a cellphone. He also was "aggressive," so the boyfriend pulled a gun and told the 37-year-old to leave. Once he did, they called 911 too, reports said. Police determined the new boyfriend was acting in self-defense and took the 37-year-old to the Kitsap County jail on suspicion of residential burglary."

WA: Arlington man who fatally shot burglar gets 12 years for murder: "Earhart shot Ryan Rzechula in the back on Nov. 16, 2009. Earhart, 39, encountered Rzechula about three hours after a break-in at his Arlington house, a quarter-mile away. Earhart had gone looking for the burglar and his wife's missing jewelry. He suspected that Rzechula, 25, was responsible for the break-in and called 911. Prosecutors alleged that Earhart shot the unarmed man as he was running away, ignoring Earhart's commands to stop. Rzechula died in a creek bed. His body was discovered two days later. Detectives found jewelry in his pocket that was stolen from Earhart's house. Jurors last month convicted Earhart of second-degree murder under a felony murder theory. They concluded that Earhart committed assault by pointing a gun at Rzechula. In the course of that crime, Earhart killed the Stanwood High School graduate."

NY: Aggressive ex-soldier chased off: "The sheriff’s department alleges that following an exchange of words in the tavern, Mr. Olson went for his gun and fired it at Clayton D. Blake, 26, West Carthage, and Kody Heukrath, 25, Deer River. He and his wife then rode away on their horses, and the following morning, Mr. Olson was arrested at his home. Mr. Blake, in a statement he gave the sheriff’s department the morning of the arrest, said that after Mr. Olson discharged a gun that “appeared to be a novelty cigarette lighter,” he, Mr. Blake, grabbed a Ruger from his truck, “where the guy was circling around on his horse with his gun still in his hand, pointing the gun in our direction. That’s when I fired one shot in his direction. I did not hit him ... because I wasn’t aiming directly at him.” Detectives said they believed Mr. Blake fired his gun in self-defense, Sheriff Burns said, and for that reason, he is not being charged."

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