Monday, August 22, 2011

MD: Off-Duty Guard Shoots Robber: "A 20-year-old man is recovering after a shoot-out with an off-duty security guard. Police said they were called to the 3600 block of Dolfield Avenue about 2:51 a.m. Saturday in response to a shooting. Officers said they found the security guard at the scene, saying he had just been robbed. The off-duty guard told police that the robber drew a gun during the incident. The guard said he drew his gun out of fear for his life. Police said the robber then started shooting at the guard who fired back in self defense. Officers said the robber then sped off in a vehicle. Detectives said the robber was found in the 1900 block of Dukeland Street with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Police said he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Officials said the guard was not injured during the robbery."

Is now the time for a castle law in Britain?: "At a time where home and small business owners face a real threat of violence towards themselves and their property, and when police resources are increasingly stretched beyond their limits, better defined rights of defending personal property would offer peace of mind as well as a definitive deterrent to would-be criminals. Rather than questioning what constitutes 'reasonable force' we would be safe in the knowledge that if we were to ever be put in the terrifying situation of facing an intruder the law would offer us the absolute upper hand."

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