Tuesday, November 08, 2011

CA: Man shot dead threatened homeowner with knife: "A homeowner who police say interrupted a burglar inside his Antioch home was threatened with a knife before he shot and killed the intruder, investigators said. According to police, Antioch resident Arnie Schmidt III forced his way into a home in the 200 block of West 17th Street on Saturday afternoon and was stripping copper wiring and piping when the homeowner, described as an elderly man, arrived. Acting Capt. Leonard Orman said the homeowner was startled because Schmidt broke through sheet rock between the home and an exterior water heater closet, leaving no signs of a break-in from the front of the home. A confrontation ensued, and when Schmidt wielded a knife, the homeowner opened fire with a small handgun, striking Schmidt more than once, Orman said. At this point, everything indicates that it was a case of self-defense," he said. The man who shot Schmidt has no criminal history."

AZ: Homeowner pistol whips burglary suspect: "A Mesa homeowner subdued a suspected burglar Thursday by hitting him with a handgun in self-defense, according to the Mesa Police Department. The victim’s teenage daughter confronted the burglar shortly before midnight after she heard noise from an upstairs room in the family’s home near Val Vista and University drives. Police said the commotion woke the girl’s father, who grabbed a handgun and told the burglar to get on the ground. The burglar complied at first but then rushed the homeowner, who struck the burglar in the face with the handgun. The burglar had reportedly entered the house through an unlocked back door caused $500 in damage by kicking a wall and tearing stereo equipment from the wall. Police arrested Scott Alan Nagy, 20, on suspicion of second degree burglary and criminal damage. Nagy reportedly admitted being intoxicated, but police weren’t able to interview him because he was yelling incoherently and couldn’t complete sentences, police said."

Poll: Latinos overwhelmingly gun control: "The bipartisan coalition of Mayors Against Illegal [sic] Guns today announced the results of a new public opinion survey showing overwhelming support among Latino voters for strong gun laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, tough enforcement practices, and state control over who can carry concealed, loaded guns in public places."

UK: Antique firearms collector is jailed for two years: "An antiques firearms collector was jailed for two years after he was found to have four air rifles and ammunition without the correct licences. When police raided Karl Blennerhassett's luxury flat in Up Holland, West Lancashire, they found more than 140 guns, including racks of rifles and revolvers, a court heard."

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