Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TX: Grand jury refuses to indict in self-defense shooting: "A Live Oak County grand jury declined to indict a man related to a fatal shooting of a father and son in April near Lake Corpus Christi. Rick Hadley, 56, and William Everett Hadley, 30, of Corpus Christi were found dead April 22 by authorities in the 100 block of Lakepark Circle in south Live Oak County. Live Oak County Sheriff Larry R. Busby said the man and his son were shot with a handgun about 9:30 p.m. after they confronted and assaulted a 58-year-old man in his front yard. "He fired two warning shots in the ground, still telling them to leave and get out of there," Busby said. He said the men started to leave, but William Hadley decided to go back. The 58-year-old told Busby that he then shot William Hadley in the head as he stood on his front yard. "The father then yelled, 'You killed my son so I'm going to kill you,' and went after him," Busby said. The 58-year-old yelled at him to stop, and when he didn't, he shot him in the head, he said."

KY: Man shot during home invasion is identified: "The coroner's office has identified the man who was shot in the head following a struggle with a homeowner. Police say he was trying to steal items from the woman's home. 25-year-old Christopher Sanford died of that wound Monday. A woman who lives at the house on Blue Ash Drive returned home with her twin boys around 11 a.m. Sunday to find an intruder pointing a shotgun at her. The man said his wife, a Navy veteran and former military officer, lunged at the male suspect, struggling with him and the gun throughout the home before ending up in the front yard where the gun went off striking the suspect in the head, the man and authorities confirmed. Kentucky's Castle Doctrine allows citizens to defend themselves when they feel threatened in their home or car."

LA: Man shoots alleged burglar on property: "A Springfield man says he pulled a gun on an alleged burglar to protect his property, and his life, Tuesday morning. When the 71-year-old man got there, he knew something was wrong. He saw 18-year-old Aaron Church bolt out of the house, but he thought there was a second man inside. “Now it’s two on one, and he’s got something in his hand, so I let one go and down he went,” Casey says. “Turned out, it wasn’t a gun or anything, but I didn’t have time to think about what he was holding.” The bullet hit Church in the left arm. He was the only person involved in the attempted robbery. “I wanted to come home to my family,” Casey explains. “I don’t to be laying in the back of that house trailer with him driving away.”

Omaha can't enforce part of handgun ordinance: "A judge has barred Omaha from enforcing its ordinance that bars noncitizens who are legally in the United States from possessing handguns. U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon on Monday issued a preliminary injunction that orders Omaha not to enforce the ordinance until he can rule on a lawsuit. A Mexican national and two gun-rights organizations sued the city in September. Armando Pliego Gonzalez, the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and the Second Amendment Foundation filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court. Gonzalez was given permanent resident alien status in 2008. While Gonzalez can legally own a handgun under Nebraska law, the city ordinance bars him from owning a handgun in his home for self-defense."

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