Friday, November 25, 2011

PA: Dog alerts couple to intruder: "The wife told Channel 4 Action News reporter Ashlie Hardway that she had gone to the living room couch because she couldn't sleep, and sometime during the night, she heard an unusual-sounding bark from her dog and saw a man trying to break in. She said she called to her husband, who came downstairs with a gun and fired a warning shot first. Then, she said, he fired another shot that hit the man, who police identified as Elijah J. Malanosky, 30, of Cokeburg. State police in Belle Vernon are handling the case and will consult with the district attorney before deciding if any charges will be filed."

SC: Attempt to rob shoppers: "Myrtle Beach Police Captain Kevin Heins said, three people were assaulted after shopping at the Seaboard Street Walmart. It happened just after 1 a.m. in a parking lot across the street from the big box store in the 700 block of Oak Forest Lane. Captain Hines said two men approached the group. Hines believes one of the men pulled out a gun in the attempted armed robbery. Moments later, a man was hit in the head and a shot was fired, striking a woman in the leg, Hines said. Captain Hines also stated that he's not sure if the shooting was on purpose or if it was accidental. Myrtle Beach first responders rushed the gunshot victim to a local hospital. There's no word on her condition. In the meantime, police are searching for the armed suspects. They ran off after the second woman in the group showed her gun."

Colo: Invader shot: "Trinidad police say a homeowner was awaken Saturday around 2 a.m. by the sound of a knock at the front door and the door being forced open. The homeowner said he believed there were three to four men who had forced their way into the home. The homeowner grabbed his handgun and confronted the intruder, police said. The intruder ran out, yelling “He has a gun!” As the intruder was fleeing, the homeowner fired his weapon through the bedroom door and wall toward the fleeing men. After he believed all the men had fled the home, the victim went to his living room and saw blood. He then looked outside his home and saw a man lying face down on the front lawn. Police identified that man as 24-year-old Rory Davis Rodriguez. He had been fatally shot in the head.

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