Wednesday, November 09, 2011

KY: Suspected robber shot and killed at Rockcastle County gas station: We are learning more about a fatal shooting during a robbery at a Mount Vernon gas station. Family members of 20-year old James Hensley of Rockcastle County say he was shot and killed outside the Shell station, off exit 59, overnight. Police say Hensley had just robbed the clerk and was on his way out of the gas station when the clerk fired a gun. They say Hensley used a knife to get away with cash and cigarettes before he was killed. Officers are not identifying the clerk. Police say they are still investigating. It happened at the Shell station off exit 59 in Mount Vernon."

Holder: “Fast and Furious” tactics will not be tolerated: "Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that the controversial tactic that allowed illegal guns [sic] to be smuggled to Mexico 'should never have happened, and it must never happen again.' In testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Holder hit hard at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives practice that has tainted his tenure at the Justice Department and led to some Republican calls for him to resign."

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