Thursday, November 24, 2011

NY: Home invader shot: "A Johnson City homeowner allegedly shot an intruder this weekend after the man tried to break down his front door. It happened at about 4:30 Sunday morning on Virginia Ave in the Village. JC Police say the burglar did manage to get inside and that's when the owner shot him. Police say the intruder was hit in the arm and is expected to recover. Names are not being released at this time. No charges have yet been filed. Police say the investigation is continuing.'

WA: 10-year-old shoots mom's attacker in face with BB rifle: "About 7 a.m., Paul R. Newman, 45, came home drunk to a room he was renting in the 2800 block of Valencia Street. Newman flew into a rage when he found his room was messy, Young said. Newman then kicked in the door to the victim's bedroom and began choking her. Her son was awakened by the commotion and tried to stop the assault by shouting at the attacker, Young said. When that didn't work, the boy smacked Newman with a wooden board, Young said. Newman ran outside to chase the boy, thinking he had left the house. The mother, 46, managed to lock the door, but Newman tried to get back in through an open window, Young said. He grabbed the mother by the arm as she was trying to shut it and refused to let go. The son then returned with a pump-action BB rifle. When Newman saw the rifle he threatened to kill the boy and the mother, Young said, so the boy shot him in the face as many as four times.The boy and his mother escaped and ran to a neighbor's home to call police, Young said. Newman was arrested"

Australia: Imprisoned for self-defense shooting: "Friedman was ambushed by both Matthews and Doherty in the restaurant's car park, who started punching him through the window. Friedman reached for the 1911 Steyr pistol in the car and fired one shot. The bullet travelled through the tricep muscle of Matthew's left arm and then hit Doherty in the chest and exited his lower back. Doherty died as a result. Matthews survived the shooting, but died last year of a drug overdose. Justice Dick noted that Friedman had been under immediate attack when he fired the shot but concluded his reaction did not amount to self-defence. She sentenced Friedman to eight years in prison, to be eligible for parole after serving two years and three months."

WA: State to pay attorney's fees in nightclub gun case: "An appellate court has ruled that the state must pay the attorney's fees of a Longview man acquitted last year of four counts of assault after he pointed a gun at bouncers and staff outside a downtown Longview nightclub. A Cowlitz County jury ruled last year that Barnd-Spjut was acting in self defense when he pointed his gun at staff outside the now-defunct Kesler's Bar and Grill. The bouncers had just forced him down a hallway and pushed him into an alley. Under state law, people acquitted by self defense are entitled to recoup trial-related expenses, including attorney's fees and lost wages, from the state. Now-retired Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Jim Warme overturned the jury's verdict ordering the state to pay Crandall's fees. Warme ruled that Barnd Spjut was not protecting himself when he waved the gun and was therefore not entitled to recoup attorney's fees. The appeals court ruled late last month that Warme "lacked the authority" to overturn the jury's verdict because the prosecutor didn't object to the fees during the trial."

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