Wednesday, November 02, 2011

IL: Barber shoots robber: "A Southwest Side barbershop owner fatally shot one of two fleeing robbers, then rummaged through the teen’s pockets to get back what he stole, police said Monday. The alleged robbery was Friday. The teen suspect died Sunday from his injuries, authorities said. One of the robbers was able to get away, but the owner of the shop fired shots, striking the suspect just outside the shop, police said. Police did not say whether the store owner could face criminal charges. Marcus Nunn, 17, of the 5400 block of South Paulina, suffered multiple gunshot wounds at 3102 W. 63rd St. The teen’s accomplice was not in custody Monday."

OH: Robbery thwarted: "An Akron man faces aggravated robbery charges after police said the victim foiled an attempted heist. Melvin L. Thompson, 41, of Childs Avenue, is accused of attempting to rob a man who was seated in his car at an East Akron gas station. According to police reports, the 62-year-old man was playing some lottery tickets when a man opened the passenger-side door, entered the car and demanded money. He was wearing a mask and carrying a stun gun, police said. When the victim threatened to shoot the would-be robber with his handgun, the robber jumped out of the vehicle and ran. Police said Thompson was located in an apartment on Perkins Street and booked into the Summit County Jail."

PA: Robber with pretend gun gets shot: "Mayo said that when McIntyre, with the last $20 of Mayo's money, got out of the car near the speakeasy, he threw the car in gear and sped off. He told police he was scared to the point of blacking out at times during the entire ordeal. He said waited a half hour before going home. He said he met another drug dealer near the breezeway beside his home and described what had happened to him. He said while he was in the breezeway, he heard the dealer call out, "Is this the guy?' Mayo said when he stepped out of the breezeway, he and McIntyre locked eyes. Mayo said the other man "reached" and he shouted, "'Don't. Don't.' And that's when I started firing." He admitted he never saw McIntyre with a gun, either in the car or on the street. "He was going to shoot me or I was going to shoot him," Mayo told detectives. "What am I supposed to do? Wait and get shot?" Mayo told police that if he had been able to confirm that McIntyre was not armed when they were in the car, he would have ended the encounter then. "If I'd seen both of his hands, I would've kicked his ass," he said."

SC: Sheriff says time for citizens to arm themselves: "Spartanburg County, South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright held a news conference on Monday in which he urged citizens to buy and carry guns: 'Our form of justice is not making it. I'm really aggravated. Carry a concealed weapon. That'll fix it.' Sheriff Wright's news conference addressed an incident in which a woman was attacked in a park over the weekend."

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