Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another American Imprisoned in People’s Republic of New York City

Once again an American has been thrown in prison for exercising his constitutional rights in Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg’s authoritarian fiefdom of New York City:

Fred Vankirk, 59, of Columbus, was slapped with handcuffs at about 11 a.m. Saturday after cops found two .357 Magnum pistols and a .45 semiautomatic in his room at the Radisson Hotel on Lexington Avenue near East 48th Street, police sources said.

Vankirk has no criminal history. He has a permit in Ohio, and brought the guns for protection, which anyone who has been to New York City will understand.

The punishment will be as draconian as if it were North Korea or Cuba that he mistook for a place where the US Constitution applies.

He was charged with three counts of second-degree gun possession and [is] being held on $50,000 bond, court papers show. Each count carries a potential sentence of five to 15 years, to be served concurrently if a conviction results.

Other recent victims of NYC’s hyperaggressive war on liberty include former Marine Ryan Jerome, medical student Meredith Graves, and Tea Party Patriots cofounder Mark Meckler. It is doubtful that commonsense prosecutorial discretion will be applied.

Without the Constitution, our disintegration into hard tyranny would be inevitable and probably rapid. The greatest threat to this precious document is not that it will be officially repealed, but that it will be ignored.

The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees that wherever you go in America, the Second Amendment applies.


OH: No Indictment For Man Claiming Self Defense: "A man who was shot to death after breaking into a car sparked a grand jury hearing. On October 9, 2011, a Blacklick man confronted 28-year-old Sean Stiffler who was breaking into a neighbors car on Bollengen Road on the city's far east side. 911 caller: "He went into his pocket and drew a gun on me. I thought he had a gun and my life was in danger." A Franklin County grand jury looked at the facts from the shooting and decided Wednesday not to indict the neighbor who shot and killed Stiffler."

NC: Store employee fatally wounds man during robbery attempt: "An attempted armed robbery at Waccamaw Outdoor Supply on Wednesday ended with the alleged robber critically injured from a single gunshot, Police Chief Scott Hyatt said. The suspect died hours later. "A masked suspect came in with a weapon - not a gun, a weapon - and there was an exchange between the employee and the suspect," Hyatt said. "There were employees and customers in the store at the time. It was not a customer who did the shooting." Hyatt would only identify the dead man as a 20-year-old. The man was initially treated at Columbus Regional Healthcare in Whiteville, and later transferred to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington where he died. Hyatt said the employee who shot the suspect pulled a gun from under the counter during a similar robbery attempt a week earlier. "In that case, the suspect got one leg in the door, the employee went for the gun, and the suspect ran," Hyatt said. Hyatt said he does not expect to charge anyone in Wednesday's shooting."

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