Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IN: Shooting leaves robber dead, one hurt: "One person is dead and another hurt in a shooting Tuesday evening on the city's near northwest side. Police say the shooting happened around 9:15 pm in the 18-hundred block of East Riverside Drive. When officers arrived they found one man suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to his chest and another suffering from a gunshot wound to his foot. Investigators believe the deceased may have been attempting to either rob or carjack the alleged victim. Detectives say a fight broke out between the two and several shots were fired. Both the suspect and the victim were struck by bullets. No word on the identity of the deceased. The robbery victim is being treated for non-life threatening injuries."

NV: Attempted Robber Shot: "One person has been hospitalized with a gunshot wound after a robbery near Gowan Road and Cliff Shadows Parkway. Police say four individuals agreed to meet with a man who was selling sneakers on Craigslist. They agreed to make the transaction at a park near Gowan and Cliff Shadows Monday night. Shortly after arriving, the parties moved to a nearby gas station. When the seller opened the trunk of his car to retrieve the sneakers, one of the suspects grabbed the sneakers. The four suspects jumped into their van and fled. The seller chased them in his car, but the van crashed. The seller grabbed his gun and fired warning shots at the suspects. One of the bullets struck one of the suspects in the arm. The suspect was transported to University Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries."

Antigun lobby calls for Starbucks boycott: "An anti-gun group is attempting to organize a nationwide Valentine's Day boycott of Starbucks over the coffee chain's gun policy. Starbucks does not ban guns in its stores; rather, it defers to local laws. The National Gun Victim's Action Council (NGAC) says that amounts to a pro-gun policy that endangers customers."

Fast & Furious: Official pleads 5th Amendment versus congressional testimony: "As Arizona state officials open their own probe into Operation Fast and Furious, the head of the House panel investigating the gunrunning scandal is crying foul over a key player's move Tuesday to assert his Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer questions. Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the criminal division of the U.S. attorney's office in Arizona, was excused from a deposition after refusing to give more than his name and title, Fox News has learned."

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