Monday, January 23, 2012

TN gun laws, or lack thereof, under attack: "Something didn’t seem quite right to Tyler Adams as he talked with the man who wanted to buy a gun from him. The customer admitted he did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Tennessee. When Adams probed a bit more and asked if he could pass a background check, the guy was upfront and said no. Adams did not sell the gun. That’s the way the law is supposed to work for private sellers who, unlike gun dealers, aren’t required to conduct background checks. But critics are skeptical that all private gun sellers would be that responsible, and say, in fact, the government leaves the door wide open for private sellers to sell a gun to anyone who is willing to pay for it and simply look the other way even if they are suspicious about the buyer. Tennessee is among 34 states that don’t require any background checks for private sales of firearms, even if the sale is handled by an online site."

Greenville NC Park Gun Carry Ban Sees Promising Developments: "Crime has decreased in our great state everywhere that concealed carry was made legal 18 years ago. Unfortunately, that predictable improvement did not extend to areas like parks that remained off-limits to lawful self-defense. Former Greenville Mayor Pat Dunn was an active member of NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization, MAIG. One of her final acts was implementation of an over-reaching, anti-HB 650 gun ban in parks. Dunn’s ban was so over-the-top it twisted the definition of “dog park” into “playground” ensuring that only defenseless dog-owners can run their pets off-leash in Greenville. WITN reports that the Greenville City Council is reconsidering these misguided laws over a weekend retreat. Election of a new Mayor, Allen M. Thomas, as well as new City Council members brings hope that pro-freedom thinking may take hold within Greenville."

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