Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deadly Milwaukee shooting was in self-defense: "The Milwaukee County District Attorney says Monday morning that a deadly shooting in Milwaukee earlier this month was self defense. The shooting happened at the corner of North 95th and West Brown Deer Road. The incident started as a meeting in which two men claimed they were planning to sell stereo equipment. Those men actually planned a robbery. The man who was killed had pulled a gun on the others. Prosecutors say the shooter then pulled out his gun in self defense."

NC: Mother shoots, kills son during bedroom assault: "A mother had to shoot and kill her own son in what investigators are calling self defense early Friday morning. When officers arrived they found 21-year-old Justin Barger shot dead in floor. Barger's parents told investigators they had poured out all the alcohol in the house after Barger became drunk. When his parents went to bed, Barger went into their bedroom and started assaulting them by pulling them out of bed and beating them on the ground. His mom reached for a pistol when Barger started beating his father and she ordered him to stop, according to police. When he came at her, she fired, shooting him directly in the chest. No charges have been filed in the case. Police believe Barger had a mental condition. Other family also told police that Barger had a history of threatening people."

NY: “Honest mistake” by Marine busted for handgun carry: "A third-generation Marine arrested in New York City after trying to check his Indiana-registered handgun with security made an "honest mistake" and should not face prison time, his attorney said Monday. Ryan Jerome, a 28-year-old former private first class whose father and grandfather were Marines, faces three and a half years in prison after being arrested Sept. 27 for carrying a .45-caliber Ruger that was legally registered in his home state. Jerome, of West Bend, Ind., had approached security officers at the Empire State Building to check the weapon before he was taken into custody, according to his attorney, who said it was the man's first visit to New York City." [Under common law, there has to be a "mens rea" (intention) for there to be a crime]

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