Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NY: Teen mugger shot, killed: "In the third fatal shooting involving New York City police this month, an off-duty officer shot and killed a teenager who allegedly tried to rob him on a Brooklyn street, authorities said. The 50-year-old officer, whose name wasn't released, was walking to the subway on his way to work just before midnight Sunday when he was accosted by two teens on the Bushwick street, police said. One, a 15-year-old, gestured as if he had a gun in his pocket and grabbed the officer from behind. In the next instance, the officer was struck in the face with a wooden cane swung by 17-year-old Antawon White, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. Mr. White allegedly ordered the victim to empty his pockets and prepared to hit the officer again, Mr. Browne said. At that point, the officer pulled out his badge and a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson gun, yelled "police" and told Mr. White to drop the cane, Mr. Browne said on Monday. But Mr. White allegedly advanced on the 5-foot, 6-inch, 155-pound officer, who fired one shot that went through the teen's left arm and into his chest, killing him."

AL: Robbery suspect shot, faces charges: "The tables get turned on a suspected would-be robber. It happened early Monday morning. It was after 4 a.m when Eddie Richardson pulled up in front of his house on Center Street. But before he could get out of his car, he said two armed men were at his window with guns drawn. "What they said when they walked to the car; they said give it up," Richardson said. The robbers surprised Mr. Richardson, but he had a surprise of his own for them. "I took my pistol out, and I shot his (expletive)," Richardson said. One of the bandits was hit in the hand. He dropped his gun. "I shot him right here, cause I got out the car; and I started shooting right then. I shot him. He dropped his gun. It went right up under the tire. They got his gun," Richardson said." [Another account here]

WI: Customer shoots at robbery suspect: "Milwaukee police say that during an attempted armed robbery on N. 76th and Villard Ave., a suspect fired shots at the suspect. That suspect fled without taking any valuables from Aldi Store. Police say that neither the suspect, nor customer were injured during the attempted robbery. Meanwhile, authorities are interviewing a 20-year-old man who arrived at a local hospital, suffering from a gunshot wound. The injury is not life-threatening and police are investigating to determine if the north side robbery and this gun shot wound are connected."

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