Saturday, January 07, 2012

PA: Charges dropped in road rage incident: "Prosecutors on Friday withdrew charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment filed after a road rage incident that ended in gunfire in Ligonier Township. In October, Patrick James Pirl, 39, of Ligonier began tailgating Charles P. Gallo, 63, also of Ligonier, on Route 30, according to a police affidavit. Gallo told police that Pirl eventually followed him onto Route 381, where Pirl pulled in front of him, turned around and started heading directly at Gallo's vehicle. Gallo said he pulled out his Glock semi-automatic pistol and fired twice at Pirl, with one bullet grazing his shoulder, police said. The felony charges filed against Pirl were withdrawn because Gallo did not come to Pirl's preliminary hearing on Friday morning to testify before District Judge Denise Snyder-Thiel. Gallo spoke with 911 operators three times during the incident, according to court papers. Charges of attempted homicide were withdrawn against Gallo in December because Pirl refused to testify."

AZ: Guns on college and university campuses could soon be a reality: "Arizona Sen. Ronald Gould plans to reintroduce a gun bill next week that would force public colleges and universities to allow students with gun permits to carry firearms on campus. Gould (R- District 3) introduced a similar bill last legislative session which Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed. "The new bill only pertains to concealed carry permit holders," Gould said. Gould feels allowing students to carry weapons will decrease crime on campus. "To disallow guns on campus, what that really does is create a self defense free zone. So people with evil intents, they know there's no weapons there," Gould said. Gould has contacted the Arizona Board of Regents about his bill and while board members appreciate his intent, they are against guns on campus."

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