Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lucky Russians

( -- A bill that would allow Russians to possess handguns and use them for self-defense without fear of being exposed to criminal liability bill will likely be proposed in the State Duma early next year, Izvestia reports.

A report prepared by the Russian Federation Council suggests amending the Federal Law On Weapons that allows the possession of shotguns, non-lethal weapons, gas guns, stun guns, pneumatic weapons, and cold steel arms (knives), but says nothing about handguns.

Proponents insist that violent crime statistics tend to decline as the number of legal firearms owners increases.

Currently, Russian law allows for the victims of violent crime to be criminally liable for what is known as excessive self-defense. To avoid this situation, the report suggests that the self-defense doctrine, “my house is my fortress,” should be formalized in legislation.


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