Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TX:  Homeowner Detains Burglar at Gunpoint:  "A Washington County homeowner took matters into his own hands when a burglar broke into his garage and two vehicles Thursday, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.  Hord’s wife, Mindy, called 911 when the incident occurred.  “I woke up this morning to get my son his milk and I look outside and there's a black guy outside without his shirt on...so I ran inside and woke my husband up," said Mindy Hord in a 911 call to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.  Ryan Hord grabbed his gun and went after the burglar. Hord detained the burglar in the driveway until sheriff's deputies arrived. n “My husband has a gun on him, right. He's not going anywhere until someone comes and picks him up,” said Mindy Hord to a 911 operator.  Sheriff’s deputies took the burglar into custody. The suspect has been charged with burglary of a habitation and burglary of a motor vehicle."

WA: Police search for robbers in  attempted home invasion:  "Police are searching for three men in an attempted home invasion robbery in Port Angeles Sunday morning. Investigators say the suspects could be responsible for another robbery just east of Port Angeles on Saturday.  The Sunday morning robbery happened in the 300 block of South Barr Road in Port Angeles.  A homeowner told police a man knocked on his back door, asking for gas. When the homeowner told the suspect through the closed door he didn't have any, the man asked to use the phone. The homeowner retrieved a phone, along with his handgun, and went to open the door. That's when a second suspect appeared and pointed a gun at the homeowner.  The homeowner immediately shut the door and fired a shot through the door.  The two suspects fled to a getaway car that was waiting on the road and driven by a third suspect. Another suspect then got into the car and all four drove north on South Barr Road.   Sequim and Port Angeles police and border patrol responded to the call but did not locate the suspects. They said there was no evidence of injuries."

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