Monday, July 23, 2012

The way we were

MI: An attempted home invasion ends with a deadly shooting:  The man who pulled the trigger is 73 years old. He was armed and ready after being targeted last week.  Detroit police tell us a man who was likely in his mid 30's is dead because he broke into a home on the city's west side. The homeowner says two men tried to break into his home on Sunday.  On Thursday, he heard a noise coming from downstairs. He knew something was not right, so he grabbed his gun to see what was going on and he encountered a stranger he believed was one of the men who tried to rob him before.  Police tell us the bad guy had kicked in the front door and walked in but the man of the house was right there and opened fire. One shot to the chest.  The suspect ran out of the house and collapsed in the driveway of the home next door, where he died."

NM: Shooting following intrusion:  "The Taos County Sheriff's Office has clarified the circumstances surrounding a shooting that occurred early Saturday morning (July 14).  Undersheriff Ed Romero told The Taos News early Tuesday morning that no charges have yet been filed in the shooting, as the 19-year-old intruder — Robert Carpenter — is now recovering in St. Vincent Hospital's Intensive Care Unit in Santa Fe.  Romero said that Carpenter knocked on the door an unidentified homeowner on Los Alamitos Road, getting the man in a headlock and robbing him of $150 cash and a jar of medical marijuana at gunpoint.  Romero said that the homeowner was calling authorities about the intrusion when he heard Carpenter returning to the house.  "The intruder, though a doggie door, displayed a weapon," Romero said. "At that point, the owner discharged a high-powered rifle through the steel door, striking the intruder six times in the lower extremities."

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