Tuesday, July 03, 2012

VA: Store owner pulls gun on robbers to protect family:  "As storms rolled through Saturday night, a different kind of danger erupted at a convenience store in Chesterfield. The shop owner at Tienda Joana boldly refused to back down to a pair of robbers who burst through the door just before closing time. The owner, William Avaloa, drew his gun to match theirs. Avaloa described how one of the robbers kept watch at the door, while the other aimed his gun at one of William's future teenaged stepsons.  "He said, ‘Nobody move!'" said Avaloa. "I was really nervous because you never know what's going to happen."  Avaloa didn't hesitate to reach for his own weapon. He aimed his gun at the robber. "I said, 'You don't move! Put your gun down, or I'm going to kill you! Down! Down! Down! Down!'" shouted Avaloa at the suspect wielding the weapon.  The daring move triggered the robber guarding the door to take off. The other suspect relinquished his gun on the counter. Niko, 17, William's soon-to-be stepson, immediately grabbed it. His brother, Joshua, took hold of another shotgun mounted on the wall.  "The guy (robber) basically ran out of the store," said Joanna Rivera, Avaloa's fianc√© and mother of Niko and Joshua."

FL:  Robbery suspect killed in the act:  "A man who flagged down Jacksonville police to report a shooting also said he thought he was responsible.  An off-duty officer was flagged down Saturday around 3:30 AM by a man who says someone tried to rob him.  He says they got into a gun battle and he believed he shot the robber.  Police found a deceased black man behind a house at W 13th Street and Thames Avenue.  He appeared to have suffered a gunshot wound and there was a hand gun lying next to the man. A witness says he was sitting in a car with the shooter when a man approached with a gun and demanded money.  The witness fled but as he did so heard gun shots.  The shooter had a concealed weapons permit and turned his weapon over to police."

TX:  Home invader shot & killed:  ""I hate that the guy's life was taken, I really do," said Rodrick Batiste, a longshoreman who bolted awake when someone tripped his burglar alarm by kicking in the French doors to his backyard. "I try and tell people with the 'You should have shot him again' attitude, that it is not really what you think. If you haven't been there before, you don't know what type of feelings overtake you.  "It changed me. There is nothing cool about taking somebody's life."  On a dark winter morning, a naked Batiste grabbed his .38-caliber revolver from his bedside and charged to confront the home invader who was trying to steal his flat-screen television.  "Although I have all kinds of remorse, that doesn't change the world," Batiste said. "This type (of) thing is still out there, and you should be able to defend yourself and your property without the risk of turning into a victim, if not by the person trying to victimize you, then by the law."

TX: Burglar ignores written warning, dies:  "Mark Brown had just returned home from a morning trip to the grocery store when he realized his home was being burglarized. He grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun, headed to the bedroom, where he saw his rings, watches, cuff links and bracelets piled in the middle of a bed. He heard a noise in the closet behind the closed door and fired one shot. As the thief pushed the door open, Brown fired off more blasts, killing the man. Holes were blown in the wall behind the body, blood splattered on clothes in the closet.  Brown even had a note by his back windows warning would-be burglars. "My neighborhood was getting rough. I was giving people a warning that whatever was going to happen, was going to happen," he said."

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