Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reward offered for White House Fast & Furious info

One of the nation's oldest conservatives group is offering whistleblowers a $100,000 reward for information from the White House and Justice Department on the "Fast & Furious" administration gun-running bungle.

The Conservative Caucus told Secrets that it believes that the scandal which led to the death of a U.S. Border Control agent is a potential Watergate.

Their reward poster reads: "If you have verifiable evidence that President Obama or one of his aides knew about Operation Fast & Furious while it was underway, Call 1-888-692-7374 toll free. This is your opportunity to save yourself before Operation Fast & Furious comes crashing down like Watergate. Don't go to jail. Turn states evidence now just like John Dean did. The truth will come out. Will you be caught in the web of Operation Fast & Furious, or will you avoid jail time?"

Peter Thomas, who heads the grass roots conservative group formed by Howard Phillips in 1974, said "We felt forced to run this advertisement and offer the $100,000 reward because justice was not being served, and we wanted to offer an opportunity to anyone who knows the truth to save yourself before Operation Fast & Furious comes crashing down like Watergate; to make the right choice now."

Congress recently held Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, claiming that he was stonewalling Republican demands for more information about the affair, which has become politically explosive in border states.

The group is running the ad in Wednesday's Washington Times.

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MI:  Man fires gun at armed car thief:  "A Hazel Park man fired a gunshot at a would-be car thief, police say, after the fleeing man raised him arm as though he were going to fire a gun.  “The suspect was jumping over a privacy fence when the resident saw the suspect’s arm come up,” said Hazel Park Police Lt. Brain Buchholz. “The resident thought the other man was pointing a gun at him and then fired his own gun.”  The resident told police he heard the man hit the ground on the other side of the fence in the 300 block of East Evelyn before he went home and police were called about 5:30 a.m. Friday.  Police said no one was hit by the gunfire, but officers found a revolver near the fence they believe the would-be car thief was carrying. Police later learned the revolver was stolen in Indiana more than 30 years ago.  “It’s possible the suspect was trying to fire the gun but it wouldn’t fire because it is so old,” Buchholz said."

NYC: Car thieves make BIG mistake when they break into FBI agent's car... and he comes out shooting:  "Three hapless car thieves picked the wrong target when they broke into an FBI agent's shiny red Lexus -- and he came out shooting.  The off-duty agent in New York City shot one of the thieves in the back as he fled on Wednesday morning.  Officers found one of the men when he showed up at a hospital emergency room with a bullet wound in his back.  The agent, who was not named, was home in Queens when the thugs went after his car about 5.15am, police say.  He walked outside and confronted them and opened fire as they fled, shooting multiple times.  A team from FBI headquarters in Langley, Virginia, is traveling to New York to conduct an investigation into the shooting.  The agent has been taken off active street duty until the investigation is complete."

MD: Rudy Dean Free on Bond After Six Months in Jail:  "An Elkton man who has languished in jail for six months is finally free Thursday night. Forty-six-year-old Rudolph Dean was arrested in January, shortly after a series of events along Eastside Highway led to the shooting of Robert Crawford.  Supporters of 46-year-old Rudolph Dean Jr. have been working to get him free on bond, and convince prosecutors to drop a pair of shooting charges against him.  They got part of their wish Thursday.  Those charges are malicious wounding and using a firearm.  He's accused of shooting Robert Crawford in January, during a road rage incident near Grottoes.  Prosecutors argue that Dean followed Crawford to his house, and shot him in his own driveway.  Friends say there's no way Dean was the aggressor.

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