Monday, July 30, 2012

Open carry not OK in TN park:  "A judge has upheld a Tennessee statute that restricts the possession of firearms in a case involving a Williamson County man who carried a pistol at a state park.  Chancellor Russell T. Perkins on Monday ruled against Leonard S. Embody of Brentwood, whose loaded AK-47 pistol was seized by a park ranger at Nashville’s Radnor Lake State Park in 2009. The ranger, Steve Ward, said Embody posed a threat to others by carrying the pistol across his chest while walking around the park.  Embody earlier lost rulings in federal court on the same issue.  After the incident at Radnor Lake, the state in 2010 took away his permit to carry a firearm"

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Rusty Knorr said...

Can you PLEASE go back to posting these as a daily digest?! I don't want my google reader filled up with ten seperate posts when it used to be one. The way it was done before was fine, don't change it!