Saturday, December 29, 2012

David Gregory, Turn Yourself In

David Gregory needs to please turn himself in to the authorities.

Mr. Gregory has been accused of having a piece of metal of the wrong size. We've all seen the video of him waving that metal box and spring about on Meet The Press, a box and spring that is illegal to posses in the District of Columbia. We can debate the logic and sense of the law and how it is interpreted at a later date. There is no time for that now. Mr. Gregory needs to act before this spins out of control.

He needs to do the right and merciful thing and turn himself in before someone tells a member of the FBI HRT where his family lives.

Officially the penalty for his crime is 1 year in jail. Unofficially the penalty is much, much more. Vicki and Samuel Weaver are sadly unavailable to comment but before their fate is repeated I beseech Mr. Gregory to do the humane thing and surrender himself to the authorities. It's not worth having your children watch their mother die. A year in prison is nothing compared to knowing that your son will never see his 15th birthday because you thought that being punished for having a piece of metal of the wrong size is not a serious matter.

It's a very serious matter. Deadly serious. Turn yourself in, Mr. Gregory. Turn yourself in now.

Source: Knitebane Manor

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Dean Weingarten said...

For those who have not been following the American fight to restore the Constitution, Samuel and Viki Weaver were killed by federal agents. The offense was legally over whether Samuel's father and Viki's husband, Randy, had produced a shotgun that had a barrel 1/2 inch too short. That was only a pretext, though, as the shotgun was only a ruse to try to force Randy into becoming a federal informant on a dangerous gang that he did not want to join.

Eventually, after the case gained publicity, Randy was found not guilty and the federal government settled out of court for several million dollars.