Friday, December 28, 2012

One of the problems with background checks for gun purchases

Most of "gun control" is designed to make the aquisition and use of guns more difficult, so as to reduce the numbers of gun owners to political insignificance.

Before I have written about how virtually all the denials from background checks are false positives and there is also the problem that about 8 percent or so of background checks are anything but "instant," now comes an example of a different type of problem with a state system.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation's online wait-time clock for background checks tops out at 99 hours and 59 minutes. The Denver Post reports the wait is now more than 100 hours, leaving potential buyers to guess on exact wait times. . . .

Can you image the costs that this imposes on how a gun show operates? Gun shows are a way that people can buy guns inexpensively for self defense. Making this costly will harm poor

The lag comes with the Tanner Gun Show set to start this weekend. The show's co-owner Ty Blount says the lag means dealers will either mail a gun to a customer or meet the customer again later once the background check has cleared. . . .

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