Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gun Control Groups must be wondering what happened this week.

Gun Control advocates must be feeling a bit disoriented during the closing of this year and it is no wonder they do. It should have been over and done with. This was supposed to be the day/week/month/year they finally triumphed over the evil forces of the Gun Nuts. Madman commits a massacre in an elementary school, Mainstream Media goes bat-guano in support of more Gun Control, a couple of RINOs are seen wavering on their their previous pro-gun stance, “people” take over the social networks demanding the killing of the NRA (both figuratively and for keeps), the President goes to the kids funerals to make a political statement against guns and the need for more gun control and Senator responds with an all-encompassing bill. Everything was ready in one nice package of victory. And yet you can almost hear them scream:


The answer is obvious: Gun Ownership became mainstream. From 9/11 to Katrina, it became obvious that people could not expect that the government deliver in the promises they made to keep them safe. People that before could not even come to terms with the idea of owning a gun, suddenly realized it was their responsibility to keep themselves and their loved ones alive. And with the acquisition of a gun came the acquisition of knowledge and the lifting of the veils of propaganda. When Gun Owners were attacked by the Opposition, it became personal. When a Gun Control advocate accused Gun Owners of murderers, the new gun owner said “wait one darned minute. I am a gun owner and I certainly did not murder anyone! How dare you!” And then came the nagging suspicion that all those tales and stories about the crazies of the Gun Culture might have been vulgar exaggerations that needed to be examined instead of taken as articles of faith. And once the examination started, the rest was history.

Even after the avalanche of negative stories and upfront attacks from almost every Mainstream media outlet, the NRA has the better image while the Media itself is reaching new lows in trust amongst Americans.

As the emotions subside from Sandy Hook, we are facing a great opportunity. There is no doubt that one or many gun control proposals will be brought in the new year via Congress, but we are now in a position of not only present an effective opposition but start a devastating counter attack both at the Federal and State levels. My particular predilection is to see the passage of the Federal Reciprocity Law now that we have Carry across the nation (even if it is only De Jure in places like Illinois and New Jersey) as I believe it will force those states with May Issue laws become Shall Issue. And yes, eventually I wouldn’t mind seeing Constitutional Carry across the Land.

At the State Level, it is up to you alongside your State Gun Rights organization to decide what problem to tackle first and go after it. I am guessing the elimination of most Gun Free Zones will be hot in the agenda but whatever topic is decided to address, you must support it full tilt. Don’t act like a 6 year old and refuse to help just because it might not be something you consider has more value. We are in this together and every victory chips away at the Opposition’s dwindling strength. Also, do not get discouraged if you lose some cases or fights: it is bound to happen, but we have been winning more than losing so the future is bright if we all help.

It goes without saying that if you are not a member of the Big Pro Gun Organizations, you are being inconsiderate. Please spare me why you don’t like this group or the other because they don’t do enough-do too much-are too agressive-not agressive enough because so far I have not seen anyone rejecting their achievements, just the opposite. Memberships are very cheap and this is a numbers game.

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