Saturday, December 22, 2012

Russians demand more liberal gun laws at home following Sandy Hook shooting

A new gun rights movement appears to be stirring in Russia to relax gun laws and enshrine the right to keep and bear arms following the Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“In this shooting six teachers died, six people who could literally use only their hands to defend children,” said Maria Butina, the founder of Russia’s newest gun rights organization Right to Bear Arms. “The murderer planned this knowing that no one would be armed.”

The Right to Bear Arms was quick to point out that Connecticut has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and that Adam Lanza, the shooter, obtained the weapons illegally and committed the crime in a gun-free zone, taking the same position that many American have, that more gun laws cannot prevent crime.

The organization’s focus isn’t narrowly defined by the shooting, however. They hope to expand on all gun rights and get more people to join their cause.

Butina continued, “What is the right to life, ingrained in our constitution, if you don’t have the right to bear arms?”

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Merle T. Rutledge Jr Blogs said...

I believe for the first time, Im ashamed that
President Obama would use this one issue to be a stepping stone for
gun control, when this issue has been relevant to many American
families all across America that so happen not be in a movie theater,
political rally, or elementary school when a loved one has been taken.
However, in America, Im scared, just like so many other Americans, to
pick up my gun and use it because a prosecutor and grand jury will be
waiting for me with a second degree murder charge. I can be morally
right and legally wrong for coming to the aid of others in Virginia
because of someone else intent to murder people for no reason.

In Virginia Beach, a security guard was found guilty for killing a patron
who had fired shots in a nearby parking lot. Belmar testified, he
swiveled around to see Spencer leveling a shotgun over the hood of a
vehicle toward the parkway, over the heads of several of his guards,
who were lying on the ground or scurrying to hide behind street lamps
and gas pumps.

Belmar fired twice, with one bullet killing Spencer and going on to
wound his friend sitting in the driver's seat. Spencer, too, had
fired, damaging an uninvolved vehicle and injuring its driver, Bryant
said, commonwealth attorney. The shooting occurred after Belmar and
his fellow security guards broke up several fights at the nightclub
Hangar 09 off Lynnhaven Parkway, according to court testimony. When
the brawls spilled over into a nearby 7-Eleven lot, they followed in
an attempt to cool tempers, testified several of the guards. Martin
Bullock, Belmar's attorney, said his client was trying to keep people
safe in an unruly situation and had only a few seconds to decide what
to do when he saw Spencer with a gun. "He acted reasonably under
those circumstances," Bullock said.

Furthermore, the judge replied, During a two-day trial, the defense
for Lester Ray Belmar Jr., 29, argued he fired on Darrel Eugene
Spencer in a 7-Eleven parking lot the morning of May 21, 2011, because
he feared Spencer would injure others, including his fellow security
guards. But Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant argued no one was
in immediate enough danger to justify killing Spencer. Judge A.
Bonwill Shockley agreed. "The victim's actions hadn't gone far
enough," she said, before finding Belmar guilty. "... I just keep
thinking, 'Why didn't the defendant wait? Why didn't the defendant

Moreover, Im a firm believer in the castle doctrine and seeing more
liberal gun laws. However, the laws should not be black and white but
equal and liberal to all those that protect people welfare.

Moreover, The case mention before sends me shocking chills to know that I could want to
save lives, but loss my own because of defending others. The laws and
minds of judges have to change to be color blind. The judge ask why
he didnt wait a couple of seconds and the last I checked in these mass
shootings, was all it took was a couple of seconds to take multiple
humans beings.

Lastly, Im all for gun rights, but babysitting by President Obama and
the rest of the anti gun supporters, need to stop politicizing a
tragic issue and start getting to work on making sure we have a right
to defend ourselves locally and nationally. Republicans please stop
saying God sanction murder of our
children. The last I check my god is good, all of the time! There
are not enough mental hospitals to keep America safe and we need as
many competent and trained gun owners with laws that protect them
being added to the Virginia and U.S constitution.