Monday, December 24, 2012

Hundreds Protest Manchin Second Amendment Treachery

We highlighted West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe “NRA A-Rated” Manchin’s post-Newtown come-to-Jesus epiphany on the need for common sense gun control laws earlier this week. But not long after basking in the approval of media outlets everywhere for his level-headedness on the issue, he tried to walk the whole thing back. As he backpeddled furiously, reports that he was heard shouting, “’I’m not supporting a ban on anything,’ Manchin said. He instead reinforced his praise of the gun lobby group, saying, ‘I’m so proud of the NRA, I’m so pleased they agreed to be part of this.’” But Mountain Staters weren’t having any of it and gathered yesterday to let Tailgunner Joe know how much he’s appreciated back home. Reader Bill Bargo was on hand and estimated the crowd outside Manchin’s Charleston office numbered about 200. Bill took a few snaps along with some video (after the jump), including a brief speech by WVCDL president Keith Morgan. He even managed to locate and document the lone Manchin supporter who was on hand, too . . .

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