Sunday, December 23, 2012

NV:Campus Carry Bill Headed to Carson City

Las Vegas CBS KXNT- As the national debate about gun regulation is revived, a Nevada coalition is preparing to ask state lawmakers to overturn a firearm ban on college campuses, two years after a similar bill failed.

The 2011 effort was prompted by the rape of University of Nevada student Amanda Collins in a campus parking garage. Collins was trained and permitted, but unarmed because she was following the law. The same attacker later raped and killed 19-year-old Brianna Denison at an apartment near the UNR campus.

Collins testified for the bill at legislative hearings, telling lawmakers she believed she could have fended off the attack if she’d been carrying her weapon. The bill was successful in the senate, according to Don Turner, President of the Nevada Firearms Coalition. Turner told KXNT on Thursday that there were also sufficient votes to pass it in the assembly, but it was not allowed to come to a vote.

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