Sunday, January 20, 2013

Arizona: Over 1,000 Support Second Amendment at Capitol

Just a quick note. I am tired from driving to Phoenix to the protest against more gun laws at the capitol, then a quick look at the fairgrounds for the gun show, and then found my place in the desert broke into on the way back. I have some pictures of the rally at the capitol that I hope to post later.

We arrived at the show about 11:45, and had a hard time finding parking. Finally found a spot and moved to the capitol. I counted out a hundred people, cut the crowd into roughly equivalent slices, and figured there were about 600. By the time I left at 1300, there were over 1,000.

Wonderful placards and signs. About a third of the crowd was armed. Quite a few AR15 types, lots of Glock and revolvers, a few muskets for spice.

I saw Alan Korwin. I was not sure he would make it.

More tomorrow, pictures if I can make them work.

Dean Weingarten

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