Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome to Citrus County, FL: We’ll shoot you in the back

Well, congratulations to Citrus County, Florida for providing America with the next Daniel Harless-style video.

Harless, of course, was the Canton, Ohio cop who threatened to execute a law-abiding card-carrying good guy for having the audacity to lawfully exercise his right to carry the means with which to protect himself. Harless was eventually canned (links to videos can be found here) and subsequently won his job back if he could pass a medical screening.

A couple of days ago, this new video from Citrus County, Florida made its splash. Now it’s gone viral. (Sorry we’re a little behind the curve. Believe it or not, we have a life outside of blogging.)

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Anonymous said...

This is Citrus County. We are law abiding citizens, but rarely leave my house because I am afraid. The intimidation tactics and abuse that I have seen from some of the LEO's here are simply beyond my capabilities of reality. They RULE the citizens, "skells" they call us. I see no public servants here, there is no police for citizen protection here. I won't even post using my name, as I really, really do think some of the short fused here would have no problem disappearing a citizen.If you don't live here,and are considering it, please, research it a bit more, or better yet, drive around. It won't be long before they'll show you their true colors. And I have yet to meet a person that will admit to voting for Sheriff Dawsey. I respect law enforcement, I just don't perceive our cops as law enforcement. I am oppressed by our local government to the point of being physically sick. Couldn't even become a shut-in without getting harassed and yelled at. Folks, it's bad here, there doesn't seem to be anyone that can fix this, not IA, not DOJ, nobody. Look at Leila Tarantino's strip search, omg, to pull her tampon out on the side of the road and they still get to be cops? We need some help here in Dawsey's Citrus Country. I don't know of any organization that will stand up to this department. DOJ hasn't. So we stay home. Can't move, our property is now market valued by our wonderful county leaders as $0.