Monday, January 28, 2013

Buy Guns Cheap in College Park, Ga, 9 Feb, 2013

Another gun turn in will be conducted at College Park, Georgia on February 9th, from 11 am to 5 pm.

The turn in will be conducted at 3631 Main Street.

$20,000 of public funds has been allocated for this political theater designed to delegitimize armed citizens, defraud ignorant gun owners, and increase the demand for new firearms by decreasing the supply of used ones.

As is happening across the country, private citizens are likely to be on hand to pick up a bargain gun, while offering more than the city will for good quality guns. Others will be scouring their closets and gun safes for the least valuable guns they have, to trade them in for $100 cash. Even inoperable guns will be worth $25 cash.

Some wags have suggested constructing $2 zip guns to show the futility of this political theater.

In this time of tight fiscal constraints, it is bizarre for the city to use city money for political propaganda.

Here are some links to recent turn in events where private citizens scored bargains.

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