Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Gun Control Community: Elation turns to depression

( – Gun control advocates were elated in the days following the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre. They were elated not that children were slaughtered by an evil man-child as part of an insane rampage, but because in the hysteria following the tragedy, Americans were demanding our leaders to do “something” to prevent insane rampages by lunatics as part of their grief.

There are five stages of grief and they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In the days following the Connecticut massacre, Americans were in the anger and bargaining stage of grief, and gun control advocates were right there to tout their freedom- and liberty-killing snake oil as the solution.

Freedom was on the ropes and it looked rough for America’s responsible, freedom-loving gun owners who were being blamed for an insane scumbag’s unlawful rampage.

Well, the grieving process is winding down for America as a whole and earlier irrational and hysteria-driven clamoring for gun restrictions on innocent Americans is evaporating faster than a freon spill on a hot summer day.

Now gun control advocates are grieving over their overall failure to push through gun bans and gun restrictions while riding a wave of irrational hysteria.

Leftist gun haters are in denial that Americans, absent hysteria, recognize that gun bans aren’t best for their personal security and well-being, and that the only thing that stops evil men is good people with guns.

Gun control proponents are angry that America has moved on to discussing President Obama’s inauguration, the next “fiscal crisis” in Washington, Roe v. Wade’s anniversary and so forth.

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