Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Anti-Gun Bills Shot Down in Virginia Committees

Covington VA --(Ammoland.com)- The Senate Courts of Justice committee this week killed or neutralized all but one anti-gun bill.

The one bad bill that passed out of committee initially, did so because Senator Edwards was away from the General Assembly due to weather and normally pro-gun Senator Stanley voted to support the bill. :-(

Senator Marsh’s “gun show loophole” bill was heavily modified and ended up requiring that only gun dealers could sell guns at a gun show.

After the meeting Senator Stanley indicated that he had misunderstood the full ramifications of the modified bill. The committee reconvened on the Floor of the Senate later in the day and Senator Stanley changed his vote.

I heard that an idea was floated by another gun organization that a person wishing to purchase gun at a gun show could only do so after going to some special table, getting a background check done and then present the receipt from a successful background check to any dealer or private seller at the show. Only people with the successful background check receipt would be able to purchase firearms at a gunshow. We oppose any such mandatory scheme for private sales and will fight against such a bill.

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