Monday, January 28, 2013

Seattle has gun Turn in, Private buyers save guns

Private buyers competed with Amazon Gift cards for firearms in Seattle yesterday the picture is from the Seattle Times

From the Times:

"John Laigaie III of Bellingham, a retired Army master sergeant, lays out the revolvers and rifles he and two other friends purchased on the periphery of the Seattle Police Department's gun buy back event in Downtown Seattle, Saturday January 26, 2013. Laigaie and his friends are advocates of gun rights, and affiliated with the website They spent approximately $500 on the lot, which they estimate to have a value of near $2,000. Many independent gun buyers and sellers on the periphery of the official buy back were helped by long wait times and Seattle Police closing the line to the buy back hours early after running out of Amazon gift cards to exchange for firearms."

I am sure that the firearms sellers were happy to get cash instead of a gift card. The term "buy back" is pure Marxist propaganda, as the firearms were never owned by the government in the first place.

These turn ins are purely political theater, designed to delegitimize armed citizens. Their real effects are to defraud ignorant citizens of valuable property, waste police resources, destroy valuable assets, and increase the demand for new guns by decreasing the supply of old ones.

Dean Weingarten

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msglaigaie said...

Many historical weapons were rescued that day. One was a german first world war battle rifle made in 1917. Yep, you see a lot of those in 7-11 robberys. Another was a Colt police positive used by a federal railroad detective in the thirtys. Another piece of history saved.