Tuesday, February 04, 2014

OK:Reward Poster Contains Elements of Advertisement for Glock

I have to admit being taken aback by this  reward poster at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation website.   I can see the utility in grabbing a graphic from  the Internet that is unlikely to draw a complaint from the owner.  It may even be in the public domain.  But I find the juxtaposition of Glock Perfection with a double child murder case to be a little disturbing.

The pistol may be useful in the trial of Kevin Sweat, who has given a confession of sorts.   A hearing has been scheduled to determine if the video of the confession will be allowed at the trial.   The trial also includes the murder of Sweat's fiancée,  Ashley Taylor.  Perhaps a reader will have knowledge of this pistol and will be able to assist in this case.

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