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Australian City in Tizzy over Soldier walking with crude, welded, Caricature of a Rifle

How the mighty have fallen. A soldier, in uniform, with a pack and a clearly fake “gun” causes an entire section of Australian civilization to go into the “vapors”.

Throughout most of the rest of the world, there would hardly be a comment. Seeing soldiers on exercises is common and only slightly noteworthy.

Notice that this soldier did nothing that was even remotely threatening, except exist. He did not fire blanks. He never pointed the crude, welded metal sections, vaguely resembling a rifle, at anyone. We (in the United States) would be in the same place if it were not for Second Amendment supporters and Open Carry

I recall a somewhat similar incident about two decades ago, at the height of the disarmament movement in America.  Two soldiers were conducting a physical training exercise in Phoenix, Arizona.  They were jogging down the sidewalk in uniform.  The replica rifles were molded of plastic, and looked fairly realistic from a distance of a few yards.  They were arrested and charged with a similar charge of disturbing the peace.  No schools or day care institutions were shut down.  Fortunately, Second Amendment supporters and open carry activists ended this sort of idiotic, programmed terror reaction before it became common in the United States.

This is nothing short of shameful behavior. It shouts out of a civilization in decline. It is programmed cowardice and weapons aversion programming. No wonder our enemies are emboldened. From
A camouflage-clad man carrying a replica machine gun sparked a major security scare and the lockdown of two schools and a childcare centre when he went on a 'training' mission in Brisbane's southside.

The drama began when a Rochedale resident called police on Wednesday morning, fearing a lone gunman could be at large.

Officers in bullet-proof vests launched a manhunt before finding and arresting the man within an hour just after midday

 This was not some shadowy figure in the middle of night, peering into windows, trespassing on forbidden territory, threatening people with barely seen objects. This was a uniformed soldier, walking in broad daylight during the middle of the day, carrying a crude replica of a gun that could not be mistaken for the real thing with the slightest of scrutiny. This is what happens when a population is so propagandized to be fearful of mere objects that everyone is paralyzed by the suggestion they are present. 

It reminds one of children terrified of the "boogyman". I am tempted to think of medieval peasants and witch-trials, but they seem to have had much more sense and courage.

The propaganda is deliberate. A few months ago, there was an incident where a small child was carrying an obvious toy gun in an Australian city. The media practically screamed for banning such toys because they would terrify people. The only people they could terrify are people who have been programed to be afraid of anything that remotely resembles a firearm.

 Notice how the photographer chose the weird angle (from below the child's waist) to attempt to make the toy more realistic.   From
NSW police expressed concern over the image. “In this heightened terrorism environment, if someone sees what looks to be a real firearm, regardless of the age of the person carrying it, they’re going to have genuine concerns,” Police Association of NSW president Scott Weber told The Daily Telegraph.

“I think firstly we need education for parents and children and secondly, perhaps, very real-looking replica guns don’t need to be on the market,” he said.
No reasonable person could mistake the toy in the photograph for a real gun.  It is simply too small to be the gun that it is the image of.  Remember, the AK 47 is one of the most photographed firearms in existence.  The toy is much too small to be proportional even for the child who is carrying it, let alone an adult human.  It is certainly less than half scale.  The stock is likely less than six inches long.

What we see is akin to repulsion programing, rather like the two minute hate in George Orwell's 1984.  It is only necessary for a few to be affected and to call the police to start the spiral of over-reaction.

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