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Air Force: Many Non-Police with Weapons stop Active Shooters

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One of the most popular articles that I have written was "Mass Killings Stopped by Armed Citizens".  The article is a compilation of documented cases where armed citizens stopped what would likely have become mass killings before they occured.  Such incidents are usually spiked by the media because the body count is either non-existent or too low to meed the FBI criteria of a mass killing.

It appears that the Air Force has got the memo.  In an article From military.com:
The Air Force on Wednesday said its review of "active-shooter incidents across the country" found that many ended without police intervention because someone present with a weapon stopped the shooter.
 The Air Force also did not release the data showing how many active-shooter incidents were stopped by someone on the scene carrying a weapon. A spokeswoman said the data came from the FBI, and cannot be released by the Air Force.
I do not know what data the Air Force or the FBI have to make such a pronouncement, but from public sources, haphazardly obtained over the Internet for a few years, I have listed 21.  That is certainly enough to qualify for the "many" label.

The idea that armed people could *not* stop a mass killing would have been so laughable 50 years ago as to never be given serious thought.  Throughout the past, the only defense against being slaughtered and enslaved en mass has been armed defense (having God on your side certainly helped).  If you were not armed, organized, and pro-active, you ended up dead or someone else' slave; your women their concubines, your children; slaves, concubines, castrati, or worse.  In much of the world, including historical times, you were eaten.

Only in the last 50 years, in "progressive" circles, has the claim has been made that being unarmed makes a person "safe".

When politically correct politicians get into power, they insist on armed guards, and lots of men with guns at their command.  The ones in power know that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, to quote Mao.  They do not want their subjects and serfs to have arms, and create the fable that somehow, in some way, being unarmed makes them "safe".  It is a fable for children and slaves.

All militaries are based on the idea of armed protection.  Republics have always relied on armed citizens. 

I applaud the Air Force for stating a politically incorrect fact.

I hope they will give it more than lip service.   Maybe in the next administration.

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