Saturday, January 23, 2016

AK: Armed Citizen who Helped Subdue Criminal

“As we walked up, I saw security wrestling with the suspect, and I went up to see if they needed any help,” Willhite said. “One security officer is telling people to back away and suddenly he’s yelling, ‘Gun, gun, gun!’”

Willhite said he immediately drew his own handgun -- a Para-Ordnance 1911 .45-caliber ACP modeled on the popular M1911 military pistol -- and aimed it at Bangout, at “an angle where he could see me, but nobody else was going to get hurt.”

“I yelled that I had a gun and he should drop it, and he eventually saw (the .45),” Willhite said. “Once he dropped the gun, the security officer handed me the gun, so I kicked it behind me and kept (my gun) on him until the security officers put handcuffs on him.”

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