Sunday, January 31, 2016

Barbershop Shootout Video: Wait for the Right Opportunity

At a barbershop in South Carolina on the 26th, of January, 2016, at about 7 p.m., two armed robbers assaulted the customers of the Next Up Barber and Beauty Shop.  The robbers appear to be career criminals, but they made fatal mistakes, as can be seen in the video.  It is very difficult to keep focused on everyone, the loot, and maintain control of the scene. When the robbers become complacent, the legal gun carriers make their move.

The Pistol Robber in the light colored hoodie comes in first, from the left side of the screen, from the front entrance.  It appears that the Legal Gun Carrier (LGC) with the concealed carry permit in the center chair is considering drawing.  His right hand goes under the barber sheet, then comes out as the Shotgun Robber appears on the scene.  The Shotgun Robber in the dark hoodie provides over sight of the crime scene for his partner and superior firepower.  The shotgun looks to be a pump, maybe a Winchester 1400, probably a 12 gauge.

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The legal gun carrier (LGC) is in a tough position; the Handgun Robber on his left, the  Shotgun Robber on his right.  He makes the right decision and decides to wait for the right opportunity.  His patience is rewarded.  The wait also gives him time to assess the situation and make a plan.

Then the robbers become complacent and careless.  The Handgun Robber switches the handgun from hand to hand as he concentrates on picking up money and looking for valuables. 

The Shotgun Robber decides that he needs to do some looting as well, switches from a two handed hold to one hand, and becomes careless about watching the situation and covering his partner. A full sized pump shotgun in one hand makes an awkward pistol.

At one point, neither robber is watching the Legal Gun Carrier (LGC) in the center chair.  Neither of the robbers' guns is pointed at him or ready for quick action. He decides to make his move.

He draws, fires shots at the handgun man, who backpedals and goes down, hard.  The wounded robber tries to get out the back door, but it is jammed. The LGC immediately pivots and fires at the shotgun man who appears to have retreated off screen.  He is likely headed for the frond door.

The LGC quickly pivots back to Handgun Robber and fires another shot, pivots back toward Shotgun Robber and moves to secure the front door.

Reports state that Master Barber Elmurray Bookman also had a CCW permit and a pistol and fired shots, but I do not see him draw and fire in this video. It is possible that he fired shots at the Handgun Robber as he attempted to get out the back.

The Handgun Robber is mortally wounded.  No one else is hit.  It does not appear that either robber was able to get a shot off.  In this crowded barbershop, with two legal gun carriers firing at two armed robbers, only the robbers are hit.  The Handgun Robber dies; it is not known if the Shotgun robber was wounded or not.

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Anonymous said...

and unlike the often published "fears" of the disarmament left, nobody was shot in the action by the CCW responders, except the criminals.