Thursday, January 21, 2016

No 'Gun Free Zone' signs on Trump Tower Las Vegas

I had written previously about accusations that Donald Trump properties were gun free zones.  At the Shot Show in Las Vegas, the Trump tower is a convenient five minute walk away.  I grabbed my camera and headed over to see if I could find any No Gun signs. 

In the picture above, you can see that the buffed and polished entrance to the Trump Tower in Las Vegas is not marred with any "NO GUN" signs.  If you look at the two people leaving the tower, each of them is wearing a Shot Show badge.  It was obvious that many Shot Show attendees had chosen to stay at the Trump Tower. 

Inside the lobby, I interviewed several people who were attending the Shot Show.   Jeff Kyle, Chris' Kyle's brother, who served in the Marines, said that he had not been asked about any guns, nor had he seen any signs to indicate that the hotel was hostile to gun owners.

Matt Reed, account manager for NightForce, said the same thing.  He had not been asked about guns, no one's luggage had been searched, and there were no signs to indicate an anti-second amendment policy.

Loyd Hill of SD Tactical Arms, Menominee, Wisconsin, affirmed what other Trump guests had said.  

Security at the Trump Tower said that the policy was that guests should not touch firearms in the common areas, but could do so in their rooms.

It appeared that restrictions on guns in the Trump tower were limited to good sense and respect for others.  Numerous attendees of the 2016 Shot Show had no problem using the Trump facility.

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