Monday, January 18, 2016

Ready for Shot Show Industry Day at the Range

I drove up from Yuma to Las Vegas today, to go to the Industry day at the Range tomorrow.  It is nice to be one of the media invited to this event, which most of the industry from around the world uses to highlight and show off the latest in technological improvements and new products.  If I want to take my laptop, they will have media tents to do stories from, complete with wi-fi to blog directly to the net.  Pretty cool stuff.

Always nice to run into professional colleagues as well.  I am looking forward to seeing Alan Korwin, Robert Farago, Rob Morse, Fredy Riehl, and many others.  The in box is filling up with invitations to visit particular booths out at the range.  It will be a busy day tomorrow.

I open carried on the way up, no problems.  I did, however, take care to avoid California, by following AZ 95 up through Bullhead City, directly into Nevada.  It adds a few miles, but an advantage is that Bullhead City seems to have the cheapest gas along the whole route.  I saw it there at $1.77 a gallon.  It will be nice when we get national reciprocity.

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Anonymous said...

I can remember when the Vegas strip was only 4 blocks long. Spent my first honeymoon their. the airport was a ways out of town.