Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rob Morse: The Mainstream Media Hides Gun Owners

The mainstream media hides gun owners. That isn’t an accident, any more than it is an accident that some news reporters look like fashion models.

What do gun owners look like, and why does it matter? Part of the progressive playbook is to make the rights of gun-owners appear inconsequential and not worth defending. To do that, gun owners in the United States have to be seen as different than the general public. Democrat politicians and the democrat media have to make us think they are disarming them rather than disarming us. They have to alienate gun owners before the politician’s take our rights with their phone and their pen. First, gun owners have to be repackaged and redefined before they are disarmed. Gun owners have to be sold as abhorrent, extremist and ugly. That is a marketing job.

We want to believe beautiful people. That is why media broadcasters look like fashion models. Our prejudices go farther than that. We want to believe our enemy is both wrong and ugly so we can mistreat them without guilt. That is why the mainstream media distorts the image of gun owners. That is why the media invites ugly old men to defend the right of armed self-defense.

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1 comment:

Wireless.Phil said...

Beautiful people on local news?

Some of the fattest, ugliest people in the business, that is why they are not asked to join the corporate offices in NYC or out in LA!

As for beautiful people, they are the ones that look like they have money and are usually robbed and or murdered.

With all the crime around here, when I retired I dropped my office attire, stop cutting my hair and stopped shaving.

Guess what, no bums bother to ask me for change or tobacco.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"!