Monday, February 29, 2016

CA: San Francisco Police Chief Offers to Have his Officers Test "Smart Guns"

I suspect that the Chief's officers are less than thrilled.

San Francisco police are welcoming the chance to become the country’s biggest smart gun proving site as police chief Greg Suhr offered to equip the department’s tech heads with the weapons in a speech this week.

“Officer safety is huge, so you wouldn’t want to compel that upon officers,” Suhr told audiences at a smart gun symposium in San Francisco. “But we have so many officers who are so into technology, I am all but certain there are officers that would be willing to do such a pilot.”

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Wireless.Phil said...

(Photo in article below) If that is it, I wouldn't want that beast!

""If we test them, we might get free ones or a big discount""

Smart guns? Not at these big tech and gun shows - CNET


Jan 17, 2016 - There's sizable public interest in smart guns, but opponents say the technology isn't yet ready for prime time.

Anonymous said...

Officer safety is huge, so you wouldn’t want to compel that upon officers

Uh huh. Gee, it is almost like We The People make that EXACT same point about US!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like trying to get something into popular use no mater how small the scale if you want to make the claim it is popular and then force the use on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I am seeing stories about possible laser use in small package utility coming down the pike. I have long had a fancy for directed energy weapons. Yummy.
Could be that the technology will be easier to replicate than a 3d printed plastic arm? Could it be that the "smart gun" technology isn;t really meant for conventional firearms but for the coming hand held lasers that really are not that far off? And that the foray we witness with police "trying them out" is a way to provide for the new straw they grasp at called "in common use"?

I am already preparing my prayers for the first cops who die because they are shot down over a dead battery or a technology failure as they are now being reduced to guinea pigs for this technology.....if they WANT to rest their lives on this idea, FINE, their choice. But foisting it upon them is a pathetic mistake that WILL cost lives.