Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ID:Hundreds Demonstrate for Constitutional Carry at Idaho Capitol

Image from boiseweekly.com

A large crowd of 700 people demonstrated for Constitutional carry at the Idaho Capitol on  February 20th. 

Constitutional carry has been introduced for this session of the Idaho legislature.  The current version of the bills are HO422 and HO423

Statement of purpose of HO422:
This legislation would make Idaho a permitless carry state. Currently, permitless carry applies to all areas outside of city limits. This legislation specifies who may carry a concealed weapon without a permit. The bill also adds an age restriction for permitless carry to those 21 years or older. The concealed carry permitting statutes will remain unchanged for reciprocity reasons.
No impact to the General Fund.
It is important that there is no impact to the General Fund.  In many states, bills that have significant monetary impact require several more steps to pass.

In 2015, it looked as though a similar bill would pass.  Intramural infighting among the Republican party doomed the bill. 

This year, things seem better.  HO422 has been sent to the House Ways and Means committee.  This committee is a very powerful committee in most legislatures.  The committee Chair is Christy Perry, from the 11th District.  Greg Pruitt of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has Representative Perry on Video of Christy Perry stating that she supports permitless (Constitutional) carry.

HO422 has one serious flaw.  Currently, Idaho has permitless carry outside of cities.  It has open carry all over the state for people who are 18 years old or older.  HO422 would increase the age of open and permitless carry to 21, thus depriving the 18-20 year olds of rights that they now have.

I cannot wonder if the age limit was put in place as a "poison pill" to once against stymie Constitutional carry in Idaho.  Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, Christy Perry has not brought the bill up for a vote.  Another common way to kill a bill is to run out the clock.

On the Idaho legislative web site, I was unable to find any hearings scheduled for the bill. 

Will Republican infighting once again stop Constitutional carry in Idaho.  It appeared that it should be a slam dunk this year, but chances looked very good for passage last year as well.

Sometimes personalities override common sense and a desire to get the legislatures work done.

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Anonymous said...

Constitutional carry is no restriction at all. Show me the restriction worded in the second amendment. these are feel good bills. How can there be any cost to something the state has no authority over?

Anonymous said...

Actually there is impact to the state's general fund. It saves a lot of money.

Many red states already have a sensible rule about new taxes, that unless they bring in more money than it costs to administer them, they are not worth the trouble. Blue states often do not have this rule, because part of their new tax motivation is punitive. They want to hurt those who are being taxed, because they dislike them.

This being said, gun regulations are very expensive. They cost the state, its counties, and its cities money. Just to handle licenses, the state has to hire a bunch of people, as do county Sheriffs, who spend LEO resources to shuffle paper.

Anonymous said...

My point is, if these unconstitutional laws and regulation did not exist there would be no cost to enforcing them. there is no cost to enforcing something that does not exist.