Friday, February 19, 2016

TX: Armed Victim Shoots Robbery Suspect

According to an email from Enright, the wounded man had pulled a gun and tried to rob another man at the Extended Stay America motel, 3261 N.E. Loop 820. The robbery target, who had a concealed handgun license, pulled a pistol, shot the robber and called police.

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Anonymous said...

The nest of motels Beach @ NE Loop 820 especially Tanacross, are where LOADS of people drive in to get drugs. It's typically very easy to see. Recently, while eating at a steak place there, a woman in town with her husband for a funeral the next day, became overwhelmed because she recognized a small group on MX men (a cartel-cartel associated) had made the bar area their territory and were continuously going in and out, in and out of the restaurant (one at a time) as various cars pulled up to the restaurant. This area right here of the shooting, is a hotbed for drug distribution because I-35 is right here by this "dope nest" we call it. Another easy place to see the activity is the gas station corner of Beach and NE Loop 820 there in the big parking area between the gas station and Burger King. People park there to await customers and or delivery. This is the NE Fort Worth distribution central (seriously) because cartels have bought up much of the residential subdivisions near this area with almost immediate access to I-35. It's also pretty easy to see a doper standing there at the red lights Beach @ Loop 820 and handing off to cars. Strangely enough, I have also witnessed Ft Worth P.D. over seeing, sitting in their cars watching van loads of MX's obviously being brought in and getting out of vans, and staying at the CrossLand Motel on Tanacross St there in the nest of hotels/motels Tanacross/ BEach St @ Loop 820. Somebody is making a mint but the police somehow manage to avoid the area.