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MI: Legally Armed Man Saves Woman during Knife Attack

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Didarul Sarder, above, was legally armed when he heard a woman pleading for her life.  It turned out to be another employee at the GM Technical Center where he works.  He did not freeze.  He acted. From
WARREN, Mich. (WJBK) - An employee at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren stabbed by someone visiting the plant Wednesday.

The 52-year-old victim was hospitalized and suspect arrested by police - but the valet service supervisor with a valid CPL who pulled his gun to stop the attack, says he was fired.
GM says that an investigation is ongoing and that they have not been informed that Didarul Sarder has been fired.  Police and the Mayor both praise Sarder:
Police and Mayor of Warren Jim Fouts say Sarder is a hero who should be honored.

"Had it not been for his quick action and quick thinking, pulling out his concealed weapon, she might have been murdered on site," Fouts said.
GM is likely concerned  about a public relations backlash; it is entirely possible that Didarul will find that he still has his job.  It is hard to come across as well intentioned when you fire someone for performing a heroic action.

It is noteworthy that the local government officials have placed themselves as supporting the legally armed hero.  The disarmists have tried to convince people that such a person is irresponsible by merely possessing and carrying the means by which he effected the salvation of the woman.

It does not come across well.  Who are you going to believe?  The disarmist or your lyin' eyes?

Update: Didarul has his job back, courtesey of "higher ups" at GM, according to Mayor Fouts.  From
Fouts said he also heard the valet service fired Sarder because he violated his contract, which prohibited him from carrying a weapon. E-mail and voice mail messages from the Free Press were left with the valet service. Fouts later said on Facebook that the "decision was over-ruled by higher ups and he now has his job back."
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Unknown said...

The fact that the man had taken the time, gone through the process, and consciously behaved in a law abiding manner is to be honored and admired. He did not violate the law. He took responsibility for the actions he felt must be taken in saving a woman's life. GM needs to get behind supporting this conscious and heroic act, or Reap the Whirlwind of their buyer community who will be forever impacted by the news that GM has taken umbrage of someone defending the life of someone else.