Sunday, February 21, 2016

David Codrea: Universal Orlando’s Discrimination against Gun Owners Made Possible by Indifference

“A Universal Orlando worker who was fired after someone stole a gun from his car at work has sued his former employer,” the Orlando Sentinel reported. “A licensed concealed weapons holder, [Dean] Kumanchik regularly took his gun to and from work and kept it locked in his vehicle. He parked in an area accessible to both employees and the public. In December, someone broke into his vehicle and stole the gun. He reported it to police. Upon learning what had happened, Universal immediately fired him.”

So much for doing the right thing. So much for putting 20 years of your life into a place.

Universal didn’t care. Back when Florida first passed a law allowing employees with concealed carry permits to keep their guns locked in their cars while at work, the theme park giant claimed having a public alternative education school located on a limited section of property exempted the whole place from state law. Ditto for Disney, which maintains their fireworks license means they are free to ban guns from employee vehicles.

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Angry Armed Old White Man said...

I gave up all interest in going to any Disney theme park some time ago after I read about them posting "No Weapons" signs and magnetometers at their entrances.

For those who argue it's their private property and they can do what they want, I disagree; the public is being actively invited on/into their turf. Disney has no Right to dictate what personal property visitors can have on their person.

I don't need Disney's entertainment, and I won't enrich them with my money. And, anybody who does, is playing right into the hands of corporatocracy.

Anonymous said...

No citizen or company can tell another citizen they can not exercise their constitutional rights to self defense. let the fraidy cats stay home. those that believe in self defense out number those that fear self defense. at least more than 400 million guns seems to say so.