Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LA: Law to Allow Schools to Teach Gun Safety in Effect

Accident prevention is not a pro-gun or anti-gun issue, it's a safety issue.

So says Blake Miguez, a competitive shooter and state representative, who successfully pushed a bill allowing school districts to instruct elementary school students in firearm safety.

House Bill 446 easily passed the Legislature and was signed into law in July.

"I have my own personal views — I'm pro-Second Amendment — but this is not anti-gun or pro-gun," said Miguez, a Republican from Erath. "This is not politics. This is children's lives."

The law gives school districts the option of providing "age- and grade-appropriate classroom instruction regarding firearm accident prevention and safety" to elementary school students. The instruction would be based on the National Rifle Association's Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program, "or a substantially similar program."

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