Friday, March 18, 2016

10,000 Articles Published on Gun Watch as of Today, 18 March, 2016

The first article posted on Gun watch was on November 29th, 2004.  John Jay Ray, the creator of Gun Watch, posted the story of 79-year-old Margaret Anderson, who had an unloaded .22 single shot pistol in a pistol case, in her carry-on bag.  The elderly woman said that she had moved recently, and had forgot that she had left the pistol case, which resembled a book, in the bag.  She was booked into jail on a concealed weapons charge, in Florida.

The story illustrated the draconian nature of concealed carry laws in the United States, and how they are misapplied, or not, much on the whim and political orientation of the local prosecutor.

In 2004, 152 excerpts and articles were published.  Not bad for 33 days in 2004.

In 2005, 367 excerpts with links and articles were published. That became the norm for the next six years.  At the end of 2011, after seven years and a month of publications, the total stood at 2,779.  The focus of Gun Watch was to make available stories that were being ignored or spiked by the media cartel, primarily stories of defensive gun uses.

The Author, Dean Weingarten, joined Gun Watch in the middle of 2012, and was soon devoting full time attention to the blog.  Articles and excerpts increased to 822 in 2012, then 1,901 in 2013, 1,764 in 2014, and 2,260 in 2015.  There have been 474 articles and excerpts with links posted in 2016 so far, with 100 being posted in March as of today.

You can expect about five short excerpts, with links, about defensive gun uses and other firearms and self defense related news, for each original article published.  The original articles generally run over 600 words, with at least one picture.  This means that over half of Gun Watch content is original material.

Original articles account for a bit over 1/6th of total Gun Watch posts by the count, about 1,600 of the 10,000 total posts are more than brief commentary on an excerpt.

The amount of original content is increasing.  In 2016, there have been 454 posts.  Of those, 133 have been original articles.  That is 30% of the total posts, and about 70% original content.

The 10,000th article posted on Gun Watch is the one below, titled  "12,254,962 Firearms Added to the Private Stock in the U.S. in 2014".

Gun Watch has become a leader in this sort of factual article and analysis of firearms statistics.

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