Friday, March 25, 2016

KY: May You Legaly Carry at the NRA Meeting in Louisville?

Not all NRA Annual Meeting venues have historically welcomed peaceable citizens carrying handguns.

This year, with the upcoming meeting in Louisville, KY, it seemed prudent to inquire of NRA about carrying at the meeting.

A question was sent:

from: Liston Matthews
date: Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 1:58 PM
subject: 2016 Meeting
Will permitted individuals be allowed to carry at the meeting in Louisville?
The answer was yes:


Wireless.Phil said...

NO open carry into the Cleveland RNC convention.
And Ohio is an open carry state.

I didn't bother to get into the story, but assume concealed would be OK?
What's the difference, open or concealed, if you're going to shoot someone, it doesn't matter anyway.

Anonymous said...

I still say being required to have a permit to exercise a constitutional right is unconstitutional. It is a means of gun registration and if nothing else if creates a list of who has guns to be picked up should any government reaction be created. I do not need a permit to carry a base ball bat But I do need a permit to defend myself against someone swinging that base ball bat at me. Throwing rock, unregistered rocks, has been used since ancient times to stone people to death. Is anyone required to have a permit to pick up a rock? anything can be used as a deadly weapon. when will we have to start registering our Ice picks? ball point pens, table knives, hammers. and everything else that can be used?